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If you’re an accredited investor with ties to Indiana University, the IU Angel Network is the perfect place to find a high-potential company to add to your portfolio. Managed by IU Ventures, the network gives you access to early-stage investment opportunities with IU-affiliated startups.

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Since 1991, 114 startups based on IU intellectual property have been launched.

IU innovation in action

Care Revolution logo

Care Revolution

IU School of Medicine

Care Revolution aims to transform systems of care in long-term care facilities by integrating registered nurses into the facilities to improve the quality of care and reduce hospitalizations.

An illustration of a collaborative space called a Learning Commons

Crossroads Education

Purdue School of Science, IUPUI

Education technology and professional services company Crossroads Education enhances education by implementing and sustaining collaborative spaces called Learning Commons.

Digital Health Solutions logo

Digital Health Solutions

IU School of Medicine

The Child Health Improvement through Computer Automation (CHICA) software developed by Digital Health Solutions improves pediatric care by streamlining workflow and providing decision support at the point of care.

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