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Technology commercialization turns signficant discoveries into new products, services, and companies. If you’re an Indiana University faculty or staff member with a discovery that you think has commercial potential, the university’s technology commercialization experts are here to help you navigate the process of bringing it to market.


A licensing agreement allows you to grant the rights to your intellectual property to a third party—without relinquishing ownership—in exchange for financial and other benefits.

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Starting your own company

If your discovery is too early in development to attract interest from industry, or if you want input on its further development, you may want to explore creating your own entity and working toward commercialization of your research.

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Faculty startup spotlight

Angel Learning logo

Angel Learning

Ali Jafari, a professor in the School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI, founded startup company Angel Learning to commercialize his learning management system. The company was bought by ed tech giant Blackboard for $100 million in 2009.

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Marcadia Biotech

Marcadia Biotech was founded by Richard DiMarchi, a professor in the IU Bloomington Department of Chemistry, to develop drugs to treat metabolic disorders such as diabetes and obesity. It was acquired by Swiss life sciences company Roche in 2010.

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