About Innovate Indiana

Helping Indiana thrive

Innovate Indiana serves as the gateway to Indiana University’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our mission is to engage strategic partners to leverage and advance IU’s vast intellectual resources and expertise, enhancing Indiana’s economic growth and contributing to the quality of life for Hoosiers.

We coordinate activities that support innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development in the state, including:

  • Turning the innovations of IU researchers into new products, services, and companies
  • Investing in and coordinating IU’s economic development activities across the state
  • Connecting IU to government, business, and community partners in Indiana, the nation, and the world 

Office of the Vice President for University Relations (VPUR)

VPUR serves as the central point of contact for Innovate Indiana and a gateway to IU’s expertise and resources.

  • Phone: 317-274-2100
  • Email: innovate@iu.edu
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Office of the Vice President for Research (VPR)

VPR leads IU’s research enterprise, overseeing all aspects of research at IU’s campuses.

  • Phone: 812-856-2096
  • Email: vpr@iu.edu
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IU Ventures

IU Ventures catalyzes entrepreneurship by providing support and resources to early-stage startup companies with strong IU ties.

Email: ventures@iu.edu

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Innovation and Commercialization Office (ICO)

The Innovation and Commercialization Office facilitates the commercialization of IU discoveries.

Email: ico@iu.edu

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By the numbers

500+ licensing agreements generated from IU research since 1991

114 startup companies based on IU intellectual property since 1991

  1. 1820

    The beginning

    Indiana University is founded in Bloomington. It is one of the first public universities west of the Allegheny Mountains.

    Discover IU’s history
  2. 1909

    Adjustable hospital bed

    IU School of Medicine

    Willis D. Gatch, who would later become dean of the School of Medicine, invents the first adjustable hospital bed.

    Read about the Gatch bed
  3. 1931

    Blood-alcohol meter

    IU School of Medicine

    The first successful machine for testing blood-alcohol content, called the Drunkometer, is invented by faculty member Rolla Harger.

    Learn about the Drunkometer
  4. 1956

    Crest toothpaste

    IU School of Dentistry

    Crest toothpaste, using a formula developed by three IU researchers, is first sold nationally.

    Read about the development of Crest
  5. 1963


    IU School of Medicine

    Cardiologist Harvey Feigenbaum pioneers the development of the echocardiograph, which detects heart disease with sound waves.

    Learn about Feigenbaum’s work
  6. 1974

    Testicular cancer treatment

    IU School of Medicine

    Oncologist Lawrence Einhorn develops a treatment for testicular cancer that raises the survival rate from 5 to 95 percent.

    Read about Einhorn’s work
  7. 1979

    Automatic cardioverter

    IU School of Medicine

    Cardiologist Douglas Zipes collaborates with Medtronic to invent the automatic cardioverter, a device that corrects heart arrhythmia.

    Learn about Zipes’s work
  8. 1994

    Medical device

    IU School of Medicine

    Faculty member Keith March invents the Closer, a device that stitches up the opening in an artery where a catheter has been inserted.

    Learn about March’s work
  9. 1997

    IU Advanced Research and Technology Institute (ARTI)

    The IU Advanced Research and Technology Institute (IU ARTI) is created to help IU researchers commercialize their discoveries. In 2004, it is renamed the IU Research and Technology Corporation.

  10. 2007

    Innovate Indiana

    IU President Michael McRobbie announces the creation of Innovate Indiana, a university-wide initiative supporting innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development.

  11. 2009

    Learning management system

    Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI

    Angel Learning, a startup founded by Professor of Computer Information Technology Ali Jafari, is sold for $100 million.

    Read about Jafari’s work
  12. 2014

    APLU designation

    IU is designated an Innovation and Economic Prosperity University by the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities.

    Learn about IU’s economic engagement activities
  13. 2017

    Suture-free chest tube

    IU School of Medicine

    Samer Abu-Sultaneh, assistant professor of clinical pediatrics, develops a device that allows doctors to place a chest tube without suturing it to the patient’s chest.

    Read about the device
  14. 2018

    Bone disease treatment

    IU School of Medicine

    Research conducted by faculty Michael Econs and Kenneth E. White leads to the development of a new drug for the treatment of X-linked hypophosphatemia, a painful and deforming bone disease.

    Learn about the research
  15. 2019

    IU Ventures

    The IU Research and Technology Corporation becomes IU Ventures.

    Explore IU Ventures
  16. 2020

    Our Bicentennial

    IU celebrates its 200th birthday.

    See how we’re celebrating the Bicentennial